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You might think that window treatments are the kind of decor item you buy once and never need to think about again. However, custom curtains make your house a home, and offer many advanced features that can help you feel more comfortable, and even support your family’s good health with antimicrobial characteristics. If you’re wondering whether now is the time to invest in high-quality curtains, think about this.

They Look Old and Dingy

It can be hard to see how old and dingy your curtains look until you compare them to something new. Age, sunlight, exposure to dust and pollen through open windows, and normal wear and tear always take their toll on curtains. Window treatment pros can help you find curtains that withstand many of these factors that cause premature fading, fraying and wear.

You’re Ready for a Whole New Look

Today’s curtains are as much an integral part of your home decor as the paint color on the walls and your furniture. They’re not meant to fade into the background unless that’s what you want. They’re a design feature, just like any other in your room, and new curtains can make a room feel more or less formal, and larger or smaller. 

You’re Ready for Curtains That Do More Than Filter Light

Gone are the days when curtains just kept light out. Modern curtains offer multiple levels of light filtering. They also run on smart hardware that allows you to open and close them remotely, and some fabrics are made with innovative anti-microbial properties for improved air quality at home.

Discover the Difference Custom Curtains Can Make in Your Skagit County Home

Edwards Window Fashions assists homeowners and business owners in finding and installing custom curtains, drapes, blinds and shades that offer premium performance and good looks that last. Our expert team has decades of residential and commercial design and installation experience, and our focus is on total customer satisfaction. Contact us for a free design consultation, and discover the Edwards Window Fashions difference!

Custom Curtains Professionally Installed for Years of Beauty and High Performance for Skagit County Homeowners

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