Graber Shades

At Edwards Window Fashions, we proudly present the timeless elegance and functional versatility of Graber window shades. A household name synonymous with quality, precision, and design sophistication, Graber offers a myriad of window treatments that enhance every space. Dive into our range of Graber shades, and discover why homeowners consistently choose Graber for style and performance that endures.

Cellular Shades

Graber’s Cellular Shades champion energy efficiency with their unique honeycomb structure. Their insulating properties create a barrier that keeps homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, marrying style and energy-saving brilliance.


Roller Shades

Clean, contemporary, and versatile, Graber Roller Shades offer a sleek appearance in a variety of colors and fabrics. Their smooth operation and streamlined look make them a favorite for modern spaces.


Exterior Roller Shades

Designed to optimize outdoor living spaces, Graber Exterior Roller Shades provide UV protection and sun control. Made from durable materials, they’re the perfect addition to patios or porches, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors comfortably.


Panel Shades

Ideal for wide windows and sliding doors, Graber Panel Shades bring a contemporary feel. Their wide, fabric panels slide effortlessly to offer optimal light control and a unique design statement.


Pleated Shades

With their crisp, accordion-style design, Graber Pleated Shades add depth and structure to any room. Available in an array of colors and patterns, they offer a chic look combined with customizable light control.


Roman Shades

Graber Roman Shades encapsulate timeless elegance. Their soft, cascading folds provide a luxurious look while offering the functionality and ease of traditional shades.


Layered Shades

Striking and functional, Graber Layered Shades combine alternating layers of sheer and solid fabrics. This design allows for seamless light control and a distinctive modern aesthetic.



Sheer Shades

Perfect for patio doors and wide window expanses, Graber Vertical Blinds offer a sleek design solution. With an array of materials, including fabric, sheer, and vinyl, these blinds seamlessly integrate functionality with style, providing excellent light control and privacy