Here are a few tips on what to know about commercial window treatments in Bellingham.The window coverings in your business help project the kind of professional image you want team members and current and prospective customers to see. There’s actually a lot to know about business window treatments from both an image and a functionality standpoint, and an experienced window treatment specialist can help you make the right selections and maximize your investment. Here are a few tips on what to know about commercial window treatments in Bellingham.

Window Coverings Can Help Save Money

Business and office structures are often window-intensive, which means energy efficiency in window treatments is important. Installing the right kind of blinds, shades or draperies helps keep interior temperatures constant, reducing strain on team members and your HVAC system.

Select Window Treatments by Need

Retail businesses often need UV-blocking window materials to protect inventory from sun damage. High-end boutiques may select luxurious window fabrics to communicate exclusivity. Commercial buildings hosting sensitive meetings may want curtains that can be drawn to maintain the privacy of participants. Its important to consider the unique needs of your business before selecting a window covering type.

Special Safety Considerations

Depending on the business, there may be special safety issues to consider. For example, a medical facility or school that cares for children should use cord-free blinds or shades to protect against accidental strangulation. A hospital or office buildings may need fire-resistant window coverings for added protection in case of an emergency. An experienced window covering designer and installer knows which manufacturers offer the kinds of fabrics and hardware you need.

Need Help With What to Know About Commercial Window Treatments in Bellingham?

No matter what your window covering needs are, Edwards Window Fashions is your one-stop solution. From blinds and shades to draperies and curtains, you’ll find all the custom design and installation services your business needs and project goals may require. Call for a free in-office design consultation and take care of business!

What to Know About Commercial Window Treatments in Bellingham

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