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New window treatments are an affordable way to upgrade and refresh the look of your home or office. But if it’s been a while since you’ve looked at your options, you may not know about the great advancements in motorized window treatments and the benefits they offer. Here’s a quick overview of how these high-tech yet simple curtains, shades and blinds can transform any window, making it not just more beautiful but also more functional.

Cord-Free Operation

The hazards of long, dangling cords from draperies and blinds are well known. Shield children and pets from this danger completely with motorized solutions that require no cords. You’ll also avoid the hassle of tangled, frayed or unsightly cords. 

Improve Your Comfort

With app-enabled window coverings, you can open and close your shades, draperies, curtains and blinds no matter where you are. Set them in motion automatically even when you’re not home to improve security. And if you connect your window treatments to your HVAC system, better energy efficiency and a more comfortable home become easy.


Today’s motorized solutions include traditional horizontal and vertical orientations, plus innovative styles like top-down/bottom-up shades and blinds. Moving shades are ideal for hard-to-reach areas like skylights where you may prefer to have total control over the intensity of the sunlight that comes through.

Ready to See How Motorized Window Treatments Can Enhance Your Burlington Property?

Edwards Window Fashions is your source for truly custom solutions to adorn your windows while maximizing their practicality, too. Our residential and commercial clients enjoy attentive service provided by a trained window specialist. Whether you’re interested in blinds, shades, draperies and curtains or open to new ideas, we work with you every step of the way, from design through installation. Contact us today to transform your space with the personalized style and advanced comfort of motorized window treatments made just for you.

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